Object Study 3


A form divided into three major sections of anthropomorphic proportion. Translucent like green glass slightly softened by the tides, it lies on its back. The lower section is a rounded trapezoid within which are suspended four pockets of air in a cluster. Two smaller bubbles are suspened higher up this section, frozen on their way to the surface. The word “RADIUS” is embossed just below the middle section.

The next section above is an ovoid crater, a lozenge marked by a thumb-shaped depression and joined at a tilt where the lower portion tapers.

From the left of the apex of this depressed egg extends a narrow tube at an oblique angle. This stem ends in a form much like the middle, but thinner flatter. This section is the bed to concentric clusters of coarse white hairs. On the obverse side, their roots dot the gelatinous green substance. This top section, the head, joins the neck on the under-side, its whiskers thrust upward, back and to the side.

Light gathers at its edges and it casts a green halo around its contours.